Tube of Tea - Turkish Delight
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Tube of Tea - Turkish Delight

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The Most Stunning glass tubes of tea from the very talented Ar-Te, these blends are sure to delight any tea lover.

Tubes size 20mm x 155mm

Turkish Delight Tea Tube - ArTe

One of the most ancient sweets in the world, turkish delight was originally a royal dish, prepared and served exclusively for the regal palette as a teatime snack. Couples even exchanged them as tokens of love. The flavours of the melt-in-the-mouth sweet come alive in this unique and exotic tea blend or rosewater perfumed Ceylon black tea & fragrant rose petals.  Enhance your the sensuality of this blend with sweetner and a spot of milk.  

Ingredients:  Organic Ceylon tea, dried organic apple, organic rose petals, rosewater.

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